LOOXIS Faceworx available for download again

Due to numerous requests received by email, we are making the small tool known as LOOXIS Faceworx v.1.0 available again for Download. It was taken offline in 2011, after some bugs were discovered and made available again today (June 2013).

Faceworx Tool Screenshot

Faceworx is a nifty tool to easily and quickly create a 3D head out of two 2D photos, one front shot and one side shot. Both images are loaded into the software, reference lines are placed around the details of the face to adapt the generic head model to the shape of the head on the input photos. The learning curve is shallow - you will understand the tool in minutes, however don't expect miracles: Hair shape is not covered and the output 3D head in OBJ format will not be biometrically correct.

Available totally free

The Faceworx tool is available completely free no matter whether it is for educational, private or commercial use!

Some Bugs may occur

If you a discover a bug, please don't expect us to help, since it's free software and since we are making the tool available again only due to several requests!

Known Bugs:

  • Error: The tool does not seem to work under Windows 64bits
    Solution: Try to use a computer with WinXP 32 bits
  • Bug: when exporting in OBJ format, the texture may be fully black. This is due to OpenGL issues
    Solution: Try another computer or try to update your graphics card driver

You can download the software here

Sourcecode for developpers

For developpers, we have made available the Sourcecode of the Faceworx Tool on Github

Alternatives to the Faceworx Tool

There are many alternatives to the Faceworx Tool. If you are interested in modelling 3D heads and characters yourself, you may be interested in these free / Open Source softwares: MakeHuman and Blender