Laser Engraved Photo Keychain

Most of us enjoy personalizing the everyday items we constantly have with us, such as our wallets, smartphones or the keys to our cars and houses. A custom-made Looxis photo keychain transforms any keyring into a portable and elegant accessory - so that you can keep a photo of that special someone preserved securely in crystal glass with you at all times.

Instead of keeping a crumpled photo into your wallet, have the portrait of a special person engraved into a photo keychain crafted from high-quality Viamant glass. By doing so, you’ll turn a simple keychain into a unique accessory or perhaps a lovely, portable photo gift to bedazzle a loved one with its own special charm.

  • Let us transform your photo into an extraordinary keychain.
  • Let us transform your photo into an extraordinary keychain.
  • Let us transform your photo into an extraordinary keychain.
  • Let us transform your photo into an extraordinary keychain.

A Keychain for All Occasions

We’ve arranged a fine selection of photo keychain products for you to choose from. We can two dimensionally engrave your photo subjects into crystal-clear glass cuboids to produce a beautifully vivid image. You can also include text with your image or convey a special message of love by choosing a heart-shaped pendant. There are also fascinating laser photo keychains, which combine your engraved photo subject with illumination for a breathtakingly enhanced display.

How Do I Place My Order?

Laser Engraving

At Looxis, we aim to produce your creative gift ideas according to your wishes. Unique photo gifts, such as our photo keychains, have been designed to be personalized by you. It’s easy and quick to both personalize and place your orders with our configurator, letting you customize your photo keychain directly while ordering.

Select a product and you’ll be presented with options for the selected item. For example, if you’re ordering a laser photo keychain, you’ll be presented with three interesting color choices for the integrated LED illumination option: a shimmering white, a cool blue or festive, multi-colored lighting. Afterwards, you’ll choose either a landscape or portrait format crystal glass block to complement your photo, and you’ll be given the option to remove the photo’s background if you want more focus on the central subject.

How Our Laser Engraved Keychains Are Made

You can be assured that your photo keychain, as well as all other photo gifts by Looxis, will be crafted to the highest-quality standards using superior materials. We exclusively use clear, optically pure Viamant glass for our keychains. This type of tension-free glass enables us to engrave your photo with a high resolution within the glass.

The engraving technique we use at Looxis to create our photo keychains is much more advanced than traditional photo printing. By employing a special laser engraving method, we can transfer various photo subjects, photographs or text captions into a small, solid block of Viamant glass.

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8 Item(s)

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