Cardboard Photo Frames - An Ecologically Friendly Style for Your Home

Photos turn our homes into cozy retreats where we love to spend our time. If you’re looking for an interesting alternative to traditional wood, glass or metal frames for your photos, check out our Pappino cardboard photo frames. Our Pappinos are not only stylish with a trademark neutral tone which goes well with every wall color, they also help protect the environment by being made from recycled cardboard. So you’re not only adding a nifty design element to your home, you’re making a contribution to the environment, too. The Pappino - an optically pleasing frame which makes you feel good.

  • A Set of Pappinos Can Really Make A Statement
  • Pappinos Are Perfect For Your Child’s Room
  • Pappinos For A Refreshingly Different Spin On Wedding Photos
  • Pappino, Environmentally Friendly Style

An Easy Change of Scenery

You don’t have to re-paint or buy new furniture to provide your home with a new look. If you want to freshen up your interior design with a personal accent, try creating your own wall mosaic with a set of cardboard photo frames. You can find the right amount of cardboard frames you’ll need to create your own personal mosaic for any size wall in our online shop.

The mosaic draws attention away from unattractive wall coverings, plus family, friends and other guests in your home will be impressed by your refreshingly alternative idea.

Get Creative with Your Cardboard Photo Frames

Our cardboard photo frames are popular with arts & craft lovers. While the folding of the frames can be done in a snap, the material opens up a wide range of possibilities for customizing your frames. Get creative and paint your frames in your favorite colors or make use of interesting patterns. You have a free hand to completely tailor your frames to perfectly complement the style of your home. The cardboard photo frames also make a wonderful family project for creative quality time together. The memories of your shared fun will then remain to adorn your walls as your own personalized, expressive mosaic.

Overview of All Cardboard Photo Frames

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