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20 Item(s)

An Exceptional Gift Idea: 2D Crystal Glass Photos

Cakes and photos make popular gifts because they can be personalized and adapted to the liking of the recipient. Yet it’s their immense popularity that can also make them seem unimaginative as a gift idea. However, you don’t need to abandon the idea of a photo as a gift, just add a new twist: give your someone special a 2D crystal glass photo. The laser photo’s elegant appearance quickly distinguishes itself among other gifts as a genuine eye-catcher, and will become an attractive decorative accessory in any home. LOOXIS.de provides 2D crystal glass photos photos in forms and shapes to fit the occasion: a classic rectangle in 180 x130 mm or 130 x 90 mm, plus a romantic crystal glass heart. We can turn any picture into a crystal glass photo, so you can choose any photo subject for your 2D crystal glass photo and decide whether you prefer a portrait or landscape format.

More Great Ideas For Your 2D Crystal Glass Photos

Planning your laser photo as a gift? At looxis.de we’ll personalize your 2D crystal glass photo with a text message free of charge. We also offer a glass pendant laser photo with silver chain or a laser photo keychain if you’re looking to keep that someone special close by at all times. Our keychains are crafted from small, crystal glass cuboids and your photo can be engraved without its background if you desire. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a little something special or searching for a unique gift, peek into our online shop to see more goodies such as our lovely illuminated keychains.