A mug with your special photo - a practical and chic personalized gift!

Mugs - we use them daily: for our morning coffee, an afternoon tea, or a cappuccino to finish off our evening meal. Wouldn’t it be nice if that mug that we have in our hands every day held a special meaning? A personalized mug brings a special touch to our everyday rituals, which is why photo mugs are an undoubtedly popular gift. Our high-quality mugs await you and your creativity. Decorate them with your photo, a special quote or a company logo. Choose the color of your mug - in addition to classic white, there are many other trendy colors available. You can also select borderless and panorama options for your printed photo! Our personalized photo mugs are of durable quality, and have been certified dishwasher safe for up to 2,000 washing cycles without any fading occurring to the image.

Overview of All Photo Mugs

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20 Item(s)

Your own photo, quote or logo printed on a quality mug

Our colored photo mugs come in several trendy colors: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink and black. The handle and the interior wall of the mugs are colored, while the external wall of the mug provides white surface space for your photo designs. We also carry a classic white mug and a seemingly ordinary ‘black’ mug with a sensational special effect. When filled with hot liquid, this magical mug’s black glaze becomes transparent, completely revealing your personal hidden photo! More a latte than a coffee person? We also have tapered cafe latte photo mugs available.

Configure your mug exactly the way you want it with our intuitive, easy to use online configurator. Simply upload a great photo, a cool quote, a personal message, or a name, birth date or perhaps the date of another important occasion. You can also easily rotate, resize and position photos in the configurator if desired. Give it a try & see just how easy it is to create your own personalized mug!

How We Produce Your Individual Photo Mug

As soon you’ve chosen your mug and desired printing options in the easy to use configurator and placed your order in our online shop www.looxis.de, our graphic design and production employees begin carefully handcrafting your mug. Their work ensures that your photos, logos and quotes are printed onto your mug in razor-sharp, brilliant tones before being securely packed and shipped to you without delay. In just 2- 3 days, you’ll be holding your very own personalized mug in your hands.

Our guarantee for your photo mugs:

  • Borderless printing at no extra charge
  • Panorama printing at no extra charge
  • Extremely sharp and vivid photo printing
  • Finished with Duraglaze coating - dishwasher safe for up to 2,000 washing cycles
  • Superior quality
  • Receive your personalized mug within 2 - 3 days